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Journal Entry 11- Community
September 28, 2010, 7:32 pm
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How does community shape identity and vice versa in these two schools?

The community less shapes identity in the scene presented in “Transparent” than identity shapes community. The individuals that make up a community determine the atmosphere of the community in that they form the transgender community by identifying themselves as such and gathering together. The community did, though, allow the identities to build and strengthen. The open environment presented to them allowed for their development as identities. The Queens International High School, similarly, but even more so, shaped the identities of the students as it allowed and encouraged them to identify with their country of origin.

How does the city draw people together?

The city is not necessarily a large area, but definitely a dense area, allowing for many different people to live there. Due to the immense density, it is easy to get lost and lose oneself, therefore people look for others to connect to. People search for something or someone to connect with in overwhelming situations and that’s why the city draws people together.

What kinds of struggles did the students have individually and together?

In “Transparent” many students struggled with the idea of being accepted. Most students’ parents and families disowned them, leaving them to fend for themselves and alone in the world. This common experience presented a common control almost connecting the students. In “Queens International” almost all students struggled with the English language, resulting in groups based on common language. Alternatively, each student struggled with his/her sense of belonging and applying his/her culture to the new American one or the other cultures different students brought to the school.

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