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Journal Entry 27- “Mazie”
November 23, 2010, 3:58 pm
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Mazie is a unique example to Wilson’s view of changing the role of women in the city. Mazie maintains the sphinx-like attribute of women in the city that Wilson describes- of being a mystery to those around her as her public image does not reveal her personal one. Wilson presents the dangers of the city as serious dangers specifically to women and stresses the need to embrace it, something Mazie, who specifically lives among those dangers, does. Mazie finds her place among that danger and learns to interact with it in a peaceful way. Mazie takes a definitive and strong stance in her interaction with these dangers, putting herself in a position where she is not concerned with it harming her. Similarly, she learns to manage the chaos and embraces it as a part of her daily life as she seeks out bums in the parks and around her theater and therefore defines Wilson’s proposal against the concern for women among this chaos. I believe she serves as an exceptional example for Wilson’s concerns of the role of women in the city and her proposal for its improvement.

I also think that Mazie takes everything we’ve learned about NYC and incorporates it into her daily urban experience. She has a dream-like view of NYC as she finds the good everywhere and in everyone, but unlike Whitehead, doesn’t leave it at the entrance of the city. Like Judith mentioned in Crossing the Boulevard, Mazie sees the various types of people in the city and really connects to all of them, from famous writers to nuns to bums. She recognizes the potential the city presents to all its members as she owns a movie theater and tries to encourage bums to “shape up”. In this, Mazie finds her place in the great metropolis where so many get lost as Whitehead described. She also learns to embrace the filth and dirt that is the bums and drunkards and sees the beauty in them as she befriends them. (Highet)

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