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Journal Entry 29- The Eyes of the City
December 1, 2010, 10:28 pm
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With the amount of people present, it could easily turn into a social scene or at least a meet-and-greet. What I have found, though, is that actually the crowd that forms remains silent and each person refuses to make eye contact with the others as he/she awaits the bus. I have found that during the earlier hours of the day the crowd consists of mainly middle-aged men and women with children waiting to go to work, school, or grocery shopping. There is no interaction between those waiting except for the occasional “parental” remark to one’s anxious child. Contrastingly, at later hours, the area contains mostly college students and teenagers, heading back home or out for the night. They sometimes whisper quietly to their traveling partners, but never to others they don’t know.

What would seem a conversation starter is the glass structure under which many gather either as shade on sunny days or as a roof for the rainy and snowy ones. Interestingly, though, there isn’t much communication between those that squeeze under aside for the periodic, unavoidable body bump. During inclement weather as many people as possible huddle under that 3×6 roof, and yet all eyes remain turned to the left anticipating the bus that should arrive any minute. Those who do not fit inside the structure stand around it, either behind, under the large tree, or on the sidewalk to its left. On some occasions, only a child has the courage to sit on the steps that lead up to the two townhouses that stand on that corner. Otherwise, all remain standing, facing left towards the direction of the anticipated Q64 bus, completely silent, on the junction of Kissena Blvd. and Jewel Ave.

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